Latest Update - 2022 Term 4

About the program

Raising Happy Kids (RHK) is an initiative of the Montessori Children’s Foundation (MCF). MCF’s mission is to empower First Nations children and families. 

RHK playgroups are purpose-built Montessori Infant and Toddler environments. These environments adjoin small rooms/areas for parents/caregivers to observe their children.  In the prepared Infant and Toddler environment,  specially trained teachers guide children toward independence and self-reliance while offering parents the opportunity to observe and participate. 


Parents may also attend a facilitated parenting circle while their children work. This Parenting Circle is a group session for parents and caregivers with a common goal – to raise happy children. It is steered by a culmination of three robust parenting frameworks. The content discussed in this circle is underpinned by the Montessori philosophy, and enhanced by the 3A (Abecederian) approach and Circle of Security™ in a safe and relaxed manner. 


Over ten consecutive weeks these carefully organised sessions will guide discussion, provoke reflection and increase confidence at home. 


Raising Happy Kids – Cairns


Raising Happy Kids – Cairns is not just a parenting playgroup. It also acts as a hub for training, modelling and observing a traditional Montessori Infant and Toddler community. Our mission is that RHK will, in time, be available to families in communities throughout the Cape York, QLD. 






The Raising Happy Kids program utilises:


Montessori philosophy and environment

3a approach and ASQ-Trak for assessment

Circle of Security to aid relationships and attachment

Evidence based approach throughout

Raising Happy Kids
Montessori Parenting Playgroup - Cairns

Our Montessori Parenting Playgroup uses a purpose built environment for parents and carers to come with their kids, learn about Montessori Parenting and connect with other families. We show you how Montessori teachers guide children toward independance and self mastery while offering parents a program for self reflection and meaningful practice at home.

The program is run over two mornings per week and is usually run in alignment with the school term.  Attendance for the duration of the program is recommended.

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Assistance for Service Providers

MCF assists Service Providers to deliver the Raising Happy Kids program to their clientele.

  • The playgroups function as an early learning and family strengthening program  
  • MCF provides equipment, materials, training and ongoing support  
  • MCF can fully fund or assist with funding applications for the running of the program – click here to apply to use the program

Program Locations

Presently the program is completing its pilot phase (will be complete in 2022) and will be expanded in the coming years

Cairns QLD : YumiHaus



ASQ-Trak is a ages and stages questionnaire – it is a great tool to assess a child’s development and is used periodically to assess the childs’ development as part of the program.  


The PSA is a parent screening tool we use periodically to assess the progress of parents and carers as they attend the program.  Where gaps are identified they are incorporated into the plan for the parent/carer so as to provide the optimal outcome for the program.

Complete the PSA-10 for yourself