Parent and Toddler Program

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Update 1st JULY 2021

First term complete, families are happy a fantastic result for a pilot project – 6 local indigenous families joined the program and 5 made it through to the end – AMAZING!


UPDATE 27th APRIL 2021

We’ve launched!

Huge shout out to MMICT for funding the development of the Raising Kids Right program.  Thanks to Beck, Paula and Ardyn for making this happen – we now have families and children enrolled in our Raising Kids Right program at Yumihaus.

Our Raising Kids Right program combines:

  • Montessori philosophy, environoment and curriculum
  • 3a approach
  • Circle of Security for family dynamics

20th JANUARY 2021

Currently work is underway to develop a Montessori supported playgroup program that serves the needs of indigenous families to improve the outcomes for children.  The program is designed to be deployed directly to families through Service delivery Partners that operate in indigenous communities throughout Australia.  Deployment of the pilot project is slated for Q2 2021. This project aims to provide an affordable program that can be deployed effectively in remote locations in a highly structured manner.  It is expected that this program will bring greater levels of family education and support both for families and facilitators than currently seen in the sector.  The dramatically lower price per family member is anticipated to result in far greater scale and impact of the program than using conventional means.


The program aims to benefit the families directly whilst also serving as a model for future programs to be deployed in remote indigenous communities.



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