Raising Happy Kids Facilitators Course

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What is Raising Happy Kids?

Raising Happy Kids is a parenting program and supported playgroup for families with young children. It is specially developed for Indigenous Australian families in remote Queensland communities.

Raising Happy Kids is the combination of a quality early-years playgroup and, a reflective parenting circle.

The Raising Happy Kids program aims to:


– Prepare children and their families for a successful transition to school and beyond.

– Empower people in remote communities with knowledge of early childhood development and positive parenting skills.

– Build the capacity of remote communities to deliver a quality and sustainable program for families.


What is Montessori

​Montessori is a set of principles and practices aimed at supporting children’s natural development. The RHK playgroup environment is purposefully designed to support young children’s independence and foster a love of learning, using these principles. Course participants will learn how to understand and support children from the perspective of a Montessori-trained playgroup facilitator.


What is in it for trainees?

– Trainees will receive a certificate of achievement from the Montessori Children’s      Foundation (MCF).

– Trainees will be encouraged and supported to open a Raising Happy Kids playgroup in their    community – whether in Cairns or, more remotely.

– Trainees will be given practical support to apply for additional funding for their playgroup.

– They will receive regular 1:1 support from the Montessori Children’s Foundation.

– They will become part of a growing team of RHK facilitators.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

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Planes of Development, Understanding the Child
Planes of Development
Draft Lesson
Understanding the child
Brain Basics

Day 2?

Brain Basics

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Day 4

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