Raising Kids Right Assistants Course

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  • Course level: Beginner


Controversial teaching method brings hope and social change to Cape York

Raising Kids Right Facilitators course includes:

  • How to start a Raising Kids Right supported playgroup
  • Facilitator training
    • Leading the supported playgroup
    • Leading the parents😊😊
    • Starting a supported playgroup
  • Materials
    • For the playgroup
    • For the parents

Topics for this course

10 Lessons

PSA-10 parent screening?

Parent screening tools.

Starting a Raising Kids Right Supported Playgroup?

• Lesson 9: Finding a space/location • Lesson 10: Business planning • Lesson 11: All about finances • Lesson 12: How to run your playgroup smoothly • Lesson 13: How to get the word out about your playgroup • Lesson 14: Ready to launch

Raising Kids Right Supported Playgroup Resources?

• Setting up the classroom • Visualising the layout of the classroom • Examples of Raising Kids Right supported activities • List of Raising Kids Right supported activities by age • Where to do Raising Kids Right supported training


ASQ-TRAK is the screening tool used in NT with the FaFT program

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